Alec Blackburn.
Touch my family, I'll rip out your throat.

Alec’s forehead rested against the pillow while his lips played continuing games against Kate’s collarbone. I love her, I love her, I will always love her. Alec’s head wasn’t filled with what he was going to do, how fast he was going to go, what he was going to eat after this like all the other meaningless sex he’s had, he couldn’t even think about anything else other than how much he was completely in love with her even if he tried. Alec lifted his head, moving to the side of her head and kissing along her face, next to her ear. I love every piece of her. Every strand of hair, every sprinkle of skin, every blink of her eyes, I love her, I love her, I love her. He wasn’t having sex with her, he wasn’t fucking her. Alec was making love to the one girl that holds his heart, and he would never give it to another.

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